My Photography Passion

Birth Photography & Videography

In 2011, as I was shadowing another Doula, a client asked me to "snap" some photos while she was laboring.  I gladly did and instantly fell in love with my view.  I was truly capturing her labor - providing moments she would likely not recall.  It was amazing to be able to support her in that way!  

It unlocked a passion within me.  I immediately told my husband I wanted a camera and he bought me one.  In April 2016, I attended Birth Unscripted Photography's Birth Workshop which only solidified my skills and confidence level.   I look forward to CAPTURING your birth!


Newborn Photography

As your Doula I know you and have an eye and an ear for birth. I am fully capable of supporting you while capturing the hip squeezes, hand holdings and tiny toes.

This package includes: 

  • Point of when I join you, birth, 2-3 hours postpartum
  • Minimum of 25 digital images ​

Doula & Photography


Postpartum Doula

 Lactation Counseling

Knowing and understanding birth, I work around labor and the birth team to capture the back rubs, first glances and first kisses. 

  • Capture active labor, birth & postpartum
  • Remain with you 2 hours after baby is born
  • 50 high resolution digital images only 

As your Certified Postpartum Doula, I will come to your home in the immediate days following your birth and assist you and your family.   In the early days and weeks, your priorities should be to rest and feed your baby! During my 4, 6 or 8 hour visit, my number one priority will be to help you and your spouse REST while taking care of the rest!  Let me help you during this time!

Some of the things I will do while at your home:

  • Cuddle or wear baby
  • Light housework
  • Light laundry 
  • Answering routine non-medical questions (“Is this normal?”)
  • Provide informational resources
  • Light meal preparation
  • Newborn care, massage
  • Sibling care

My services are available for $30/hr. (daytime; 4 hour minimum, $35/hr. 8 hour minimum)

Christy became a State of Texas WIC Breastfeeding Educator in 2011. In June 2015, she became a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).

Topics she covers during a home visit: 

  • Weigh baby before & after feeding
  • Assess baby's latch during a feed
  • Assist with different positional holds
  • Assess baby for lip, tongue tie
  • Discuss diaper output
  • Discuss YOUR breastfeeding goals & comfort
  • Provide resources and a breastfeeding plan

Initial Consult - $150; discounted for Doula clients. 

Package is $850 and includes:

FREE initial meet and greet ~ allowing introduction, share birth perspectives and desires for your birth.

Once you hire Christy:

  • She is available to provide resources and support via phone, text and email throughout your pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum.

  • She will meet with you two (2) times prior to your estimated due date:
    • During first meeting, discuss your birth choices, concerns, hopes, fears surrounding birth, begin creating a birth plan and share childbirth education resources.

    • Final meeting (35-37 weeks), includes a “dry run” at your home.   Christy will practice the use of comfort measures, review final birth plan, fears, joys, and/or concerns and then look forward to the labor call! 

  • During your labor and birth, Christy will provide continuous, attentive care, support and encouragement to you and your family (including coming to your home during early labor, if desired) or simply meeting you at your planned birthing location.

  • One postpartum visit - during this time, we will reflect on your birth and adore your sweet new bundle of joy. 

Birth Photography


Christy Carlson's Doula Services     

  • 1-2 hour session in comfort of your home
  • 25+ high resolution digital images 


I honestly forgot you were taking photos during the labor part. I love the pictures you took and how they add to our memory of those moments and  I never felt for one second that you weren't supporting me as my doula the whole time.So, I would definitely tell potential clients to absolutely go for it! Plus we have so many high quality professional images from her first hours of life and that is just so precious!~Rachel - a Doula & Birth Photography client

In addition to capturing still images of your labor and birth, I will weave in video clips.  These tiny moments, whispers and announcements of weight will be set in motion to music. A beautiful memory of your baby's birth! 

  • Capture active labor, birth & postpartum
  • Remain with you 2 hours after baby is born
  • 50 high resolution digital images
  • 5-9 minute video set to music